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Internet Ad Group has been developing pay-per-click strategies for businesses since 2004. Google-certified professionals provide you with proven strategies and real results. We know that your online marketing success begins with a complete understanding of your specific marketing needs and goals. Our first priority is to make the most of your online advertising and build your web presence.

Our experienced team designs and executes Google AdWords campaigns specific to your goals and budget. We develop keywords and search phrases that compliment your offerings while targeting the best geographic areas for your business.

We’ll leverage our keyword research tools and write compelling ads that get results. By generating the highest possible click-through-rates and page positions while maintaining the lowest cost-per-click, we create highly effective advertising campaigns that maximize the return on your pay per click advertising investment.

With years of experience in pay-per-click marketing, the Internet Ad Group team understands the tactics and strategies for selling products and services online.

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Those customers you’re looking for are looking for you – on Google. Set-up a campaign with Internet Ad Group and get $100 in free advertising credits on Google. Submit the Contact Us form and take the first step toward advertising on Google.