About Google AdWords Advertising


What are Keywords?
There are four types of keywords that we incorporate into your new Google AdWords account. They directly describe what your prospect is looking for, they describe the conditions that the product or service solves, they describe the problem and/or they include a direct search for a product or service by name.

How Do Google Ads Work?
Your sponsored text and image ads appear on the search result pages of Google when prospects type in search words that are related to your products or services.

Why Google?
Google Ads reach up to 80% of total US Internet Users!

What are Negative Keywords?
Negative keywords are filtering words used in your campaign to stop your ads from running when a keyword in the search phrase does not match with your product or service offering. Negative keywords help increase your ad’s relevancy resulting in higher click through and conversion rates, and lower marketing costs.

Who will see my Google Ads?
You decide who will see your ad(s), from just one zip code area, to your city, state, a certain region, the entire country or internationally.

How long until my ads start?
Google’s pay-per-click (PPC) advertising programs offer a fast and effective way to generate qualified traffic to your website. Once your Google advertising campaign is set-up, your Google ads will start showing immediately.

What is Google’s Content Network?
The Content Network consists of hundreds of thousands of high-quality websites, news pages and blogs that partner with Google by displaying Google Ads on their website. Choose the Basic or Premium Package and we’ll set-up your ads to run on the Google Content Network which matches your ads to webpages that are most relevant to your business or organization.

Does Google Charge a Monthly Fee?
No. Technically, advertising on Google is free. You only pay when someone takes action and clicks on your Google Ad and visits your website. You set your monthly budget limit and your Google Ads will be shown evenly over the entire month so your budget is not spent in the first few days or weeks.

How much does it cost to set-up a Google Advertising Campaign?
We offer three affordable set-up packages to fit your budget.

What is a Google Partner?
Google introduced the Google Advertising Professional program to help potential advertisers identify companies that have expert knowledge of Google AdWords Campaigns.

Why choose Monthly Management?
We offer a complete pay-per-click management service including optimizing and adding keywords that will trigger your Google Ads, testing your ads and landing pages, bid management, and tracking your budget and return on investment. We evaluate your impressions, clicks, keyword bids, and budget, and use this information to identify the best-performing elements to target more aggressively and continuously improve your campaign(s).

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